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We recently helped a senior citizen who had already gone to 3 other repair shops (including a dealership and transmission shop). Her 2004 Ford Taurus transmission was slipping with only 66,000 miles. The other shops had given repair estimates ranging from $3000 to $4000. When she arrived at Gibraltar, we quickly diagnosed her problem as low transmission fluid due to a hidden leak. The cause of the leak was a breather screen causing the fluid to “burp out” fluid (up the 2 foot long trans pipe)! Within minutes, we were able to clean the screen, refill the 3 quarts of fluid, and get her car humming happily again. The total cost to this customer was $30..Gibraltar Transmission has done this kind of repair thousands of times to fix minor transmission problems where customers thought they had a bigger problem!

Call Steven and over the phone I can tell you what to hope for and what to expect.


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After 35 years of driving around New Jersey in close to a dozen different vehicles, this past Saturday was the first time I had ever experienced a vehicle with a transmission issue. I didn't feel comfortable taking it to my normal mechanic, since even though I knew they did do transmission work, I was considerably skeptical if they were the best people to entrust my beloved 2002 Saturn SC2 to. I needed to quickly find someone who was an expert in repairing transmissions, but wasn't a shyster and would rob me of my hard earned chingy ching.

That same afternoon it was suggested I contact Gibraltar Transmissions, now located on Cranbury Road in East Brunswick. When I did get home in my poorly shifting Saturn, I looked them up on the Internet and sure enough there was a video on their website of the owner himself, Steven, pitching his services. I watched the video and immediately felt a sense of calm that if nothing else, this guy seemed like a knowledgeable Pro when it came to fixing transmissions.

On the website there is also a prompt to call a 1-800 number to speak to him immediately. Even though it was late on a Saturday afternoon, I figured I'd take a shot and call the number. Much to my surprise, Steven answered! My jaw hit the floor, and once I had collected it and started to speak to Steven, I was confident that I found a good person to help me out in my troubling situation.

There was a palpable sense of urgency to get this car fixed in a timely fashion, since I was scheduled for jury duty later on in the week and my significant other would need this car to get to the train station. Steven started diagnosing the problem on Monday, Tuesday he received the part, and by Wednesday afternoon my car was completely fixed and running better than ever! And the best part is I got the car back before I needed to have it for my jury duty obligation. Steven Zarky, in my book, is a bone fide life saver!

When I went to speak to Steven on Tuesday at his clean, well maintained shop, he not only showed me some examples of how disreputable and shady other auto service centers are (it's his "wall of shame"), he actually gave me a tour of the shop and introduced me to some of his experienced and friendly staff. Could it be that after 30 years of looking for a trusted partner in my quest to keep my vehicles running at top efficiency (Steven does ALL repairs, not just transmissions), I had found the guy that I'd be going to for car repairs the rest of my life? I'm here to tell you I did!

So as someone who just three days ago was decidedly up a creek without a paddle, because I took my vehicle to Steven at Gibraltar Transmissions, I'm back up and running and it feels like I didn't even miss a beat! I strongly urge anybody who has a vehicular vicissitude that has anything to do with the transmission, don't get snookered by the folks at the dealer or the insufferable counter guys at the Mr. Tire and Pep Boys of the world... Just go to Steven at Gibraltar Transmissions in East Brunswick and you can rest easy that you won't be taken advantage of and you'll absolutely, positively be treated like a cherished customer. Ladies and Gentlemen, it doesn't get any better than that!

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My first time here and I already feel comfortable! Everyone is so honest and friendly that you know that you are in good hands. I've been through so many people to get my car fixed and finally I have a place I can go to without worry. Thanks Gibraltar!

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Steve, the owner at Gibraltar Transmissions really makes customers and potential customers feel comfortable. I contacted him after an unpleasant experience at the AAMCO nearby. Steve never actually did business with me, but explained things to me that the AAMCO failed to do, and confirmed for me the price range of the work that was done, showing me that the AAMCO did not rip me off, but simply had bad "bedside manners," and questionable legal standing. In the future, while I strongly hope my car will never need that kind of maintenance again, Steve has my business and my referrals (note: he does more than just transmissions too!). I strongly encourage Steve's customers to write Yelp and Google reviews for this business, so that Gibraltar Transmissions will have more online visibility than other places in this area. (Yelp, and possibly Google, considers it a conflict of interest for him to ask his customers to write a review, so I'm doing it since I have no connection to him: Write a review!!)

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Took my 07 matrix to a Ammco shop when engine light went on and i could feel the physical problems on the transmission when driving. All Ammco is telling me that the transmission needs to rebuild because of the problem and it will cost $2200+ to get it done. I have my doubts not because they don't do a good job on rebuilding a transmission but dropping $2,200.00 on a '07 matrix with 200,000's miles on it.

So I start searching for another shop, after reading reviews on both Yelp & Google I found this shop and decided to give a shot. Let me tell you it is a good choice I bring my car to these guys. Took my car in on Friday, meet with the owner and after going through the diagnose and trouble shoot, I'm told and shown that the OBD-II code is on solenoid wires, and this could be just the problem but can't be 100% until actual physical work is done on the transmission. They couldn't work on my car right away because they are fully commit to cars that are already in the shop until next Monday. Since my experience in the shops are great, going through the diagnose process, a tour in the shop and the wall of shame(where comparison between other shop's quotes to their actual invoices who bring their cars over). I left my car at the shop for them to perform repairs.

End result, $400.00 bill for transmission repair on 4 wires to the SLT Solenoid, plus $150 labor for front brake pads, front brake rotor and serpentine belt replaced (I provide the parts). Leaves me very satisfy with the choice I make to bring my car over. This place is the best auto shop I've encounter in my recent memory, they don't throw in big words to scare you or replace part where not needed. They fix where is needed and charges you a reasonable price for their service.

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I took my car in thinking the worst possible, a 2000 dollar bill. My car was slipping and skipping gears. The guys took it for a ride and put it on the lift. I thought I would be spending thousands and that's what another place told me days earlier. But I had a trans rebuilt here before so I wanted to see what they said. So it turns out I only needed fluid. Thank god for honest people. I highly recommend this down to earth auto place.

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Gibraltar's Warranty, which is 4 years/50,000 miles on all parts and labor. Is the most comprehensive transmission warranty on the market. Most transmission repair sevices only offer 2 years which is right around the time that issues will just begin to show themselves. Gibraltar's warranty assures a long healthy life for your transmission, guaranteed.

With over 20 years of experience each and a combined over 100 years of experience, Gibraltar's texhnicians are knowledgable and highly skilled and ready to tackle your transmission or care service issue with professionalism.

The biggest factor in the success of Gibraltar since 1979 is in reputation. Once you use our services and see how we save your money and handle your issue professionally and guarantee our work, you will see why people who use our services stick with our services for years.

Other companies, especially the big chains spend lots of money on marketing and have overhead expenses which they pass on to their customer. Here at Gibraltar we instead let our reputation and our prices speak for us. With 100% certainty Gibraltar's cost-conscious pricing is much lower on every single job than what you pay with the Chain Store, or the National Franchise.

Gibraltar will hoist vehicle up and perform a bumper-to-bumper external check with a technician. There is no cost and no obligation. 95% of the time Gibraltar can tell you right on the spot whether the symptoms can be corrected with minor repairs averaging between $100 - $450.


Gibraltar is a family-owned, second-generation transmission repair center. Formed in 1979, Gibraltar has been servicing the needs of Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. Gibraltar is an independent service facility affiliated with over 2,500 transmission members in a national association (ATSG). No matter where you are in the country, Gibraltar will be standing behind you and your transmission.


When it comes to Transmissions you can count on us. It's in our name.


Not only can we repair your transmission, we can replace your transmission altogether.


Gibraltar also builds and sells transmissions at wholesale costs.


Gibraltar will also conduct general repairs as a service.


We can give a FREE estimate while you wait.


Your vehicle is road tested with you in the car.


  • IF the shop owner decides to reuse worn parts inside the trans you lose!
  • IF the mechanic cut corners inside the transmission you lose!
  • IF the transmission is not completely disassembled and properly decontaminated you lose!
  • Even though they call it a “ Rebuild”, the transmission is headed for premature failure
    and that means an average life of 10,000-20,000 miles!


    Because Gibraltar has received thousands of calls from distraught car owner over the years.
    Their story is always the same:

  • the transmission was rebuilt elsewhere
  • the transmission is failing
  • the transmission has a limited 12,000 mile guarantee and it has expired!
  • The customer will ask us what he can do and there is nothing we can offer.

    This will never happen to you if you choose Gibraltar Transmission Center!
    We stand behind everything we do, job after job, year after year.
    We have professional experts who rebuild your transmission to the highest standards in the industry.
    Warranty is so, so important in our industry.

    471 Cranbury Road | East Brunswick, NJ 08816



    At GIBRALTAR, we build the internal assemblies to exact specification.

    At GIBRALTAR, the tolerances, clearances, and alignments are always perfect.

    At GIBRALTAR, our transmissions are built strong for longevity.

    At GIBRALTAR, our high standards never get compromised

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    Our specialty; it's even in our name. We build, resell, and repair all transmissions.



    We can replace any or all tires of your choosing and even give quotes on tires.



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